Why H2W

The H2W Consolidation Program is win-win for both manufacturers and distributors. No longer will International distributors need to buy full containers from one US manufacturer to have a landed cost that is competitive.

H2W® will consolidate orders of products from our entire range of manufacturers. They can mix a 40HQ container with any number of the various products represented by H2W. The advantages for both manufacturers and distributors are abundant:


  • Improve cash flow – no need to tie up a huge amount of capital in inventory
  • Manage inventory – significantly reduce the risk of slow moving and dead inventory
  • Expand Business – take on the entire H2 product offering and transform your business.
  • Buy at US Distributor Prices - A H2W's unique business model allows overseas distributors to buy all product lines at prices competitive with large USA distributors.
  • Reduce vendors - consolidate vendors and reduce transaction costs


  • Open International doors of distribution much easier.
  • Instant access to a global network of stocking distributors
  • H2W® will wholesale your products directly to the distributors – your only receivable will be from us.
  • No more credit checks or uncertainty – we assume the risk.
  • Low cost of entry - It takes a lot of time and money to develop the relationships internationally.

“Everybody wins. Distributors are better able to manage their businesses, and manufacturers are able to expand without assuming the risks inherent with establishing new business overseas.“

Mike Hobin
H2W President